Who we are & what we do

Crypto4NonProfit is a project that wants to bring together Crypto-Farmers from around the world for a single purpose: to support non-profit projects working in the field of scientific and social research. You need to know about the book of ra online kostenlos.

To do this, a Crypto-Farmer can registers his farm on Crypto4NonProfit and commits to donate every 3 months:

  • the 33% of the “harvest” to Crypto4NonProfit, which will be donate to non-profit organizations;
  • another 33% to the Main Farm that will be managed together with the other Farmers.

When the Main Farm will reach a consistent amount ( more than $ 10.000), the five top Crypto4NonProfit Farmers will also jointly manage the Main Farm, donating the fruits as follows:

  • 33% will be donated to selected non-profit organizations;
  • 33% will be reinvested in the Main Farm so as to increase its potential profitability;;
  • 33% will be used for the expenses of the Project to increase its potentiability.

Do you want to farm for the common good on Crypto4NonProfit? Write to us.